Olive Agricultural Services

Based on over 20 years of agronomy experience

Increase Output & Quality

Optimize your layout, varietals, irrigation, pruning and more, while mitigating disease and increasing tree health and olive quality.

We’ll Manage it For You

From tree planting, to worker coordination, harvest management, olive oil production and bottling, and beyond – we’ve got you covered.

Lower Costs

Find the sweet spot not just for your olive tree health, but also in terms of the costs associated with getting there.

Protect the Environment

Olive trees are happiest when they don't harm the environment around them - that's why we only use organic pesticides and fertilizers.

Our Areas of Expertise

Cultural Practices

  • Layouts, planting densities, and cultivar recommendations

  • Positioning, staking, and tree training

  • Pruning for optimal productivity

  • Diagnosis and correction of nutrient problems via soil and leaf samples

  • Fertilization using organic methods

  • Irrigation management

  • Organic pest and disease control

  • Harvest consulting, including optimal harvest time, and labor coordination and management

  • Management of olive oil production process from planting to bottling

Bottling and Beyond

  • Olive oil production consultation, covering different techniques as well as olive transportation to the mill

  • Onsite olive oil bottling and labeling using the latest equipment

  • Olive oil tasting classes